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Destinations include the Indian Subcontinent, Latin America, the Far East, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, the Indian Ocean, Australasia and the South Pacific, and the Caribbean.

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Latin America

It is difficult to describe Latin America in just a few words as it is so diverse, contained and contradicted.

One side shows you cities, sophistication and cosmopolitan living. The other,  mountain ranges, lush green rainforests, staggering coastlines and tremendous waterfalls.


The first time you visit Africa, you’ll be inspired and not just by the astonishing beauty of its landscapes and richness of its culture.

The variety of experiences on offer, beach retreats to safari adventures, city breaks to National Park escapes, this is a region with something very special to offer.


The unique landscapes and neon nightlife create a collage vibrant colour, truly making Asia a sight to behold.

Extra ordinary, historical and cultural wealth, unique architecture, sweeping bays and beaches, glittering sands, all steeped in Asian culture, tradition and the friendly local people.

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 Big in size and even bigger in personality. Deciding where to go is an important decision.

An endless choice of cities await and national parks dot the country with their splendid beauty while beaches are aplenty, especially on the West Coast and in Hawaii. No matter what you’re looking for you’ll find it here in the grand old USA.

Canada & Alaska

 Synonymous with wildlife, wilderness and beautiful cities, Canada and the American state of Alaska embraces travellers looking for a little adventure.

Whether exploring the Rocky Mountains, sailing past the glaciers of Alaska, or unearthing the vibrant nightlife of Montréal you discover a land that captivates, excites and delights.

The Caribbean

From Anguilla to St Lucia, Cuba to the Virgin Islands, we will help you select the perfect island to suit you.

Sweeping bays and beaches, glittering sands, ideal for  island hopping, honeymoons, sport or complete relaxation our collection of luxury Caribbean holidays offers a selection of spa sanctuaries and yoga retreats.

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Like nowhere else on earth, from the foothills of the Himalayas to the tranquil backwaters of Kerala, a new experience awaits around every corner.

Be inspired by the Taj Mahal while navigating India’s golden triangle, bustling Delhi and the pink city Jaipur, the sacred Ganges or ride camels in the desert of Rajasthan, the range of experiences are endless

Middle East

Steeped in history a holiday in the Middle East promises something different for everyone at every turn.

Whether exploring modernity of Abu Dhabi and Dubai or the ancient beauty of Petra in Jordan, the deserts of Oman or the coral rich waters of Fjairah, you can expect a fascinating journey through spectacular history, culture and geography.


With it's iconic attractions, it’s weird and wonderful wildlife and an enviable beach barbecue lifestyle, Australia is constantly voted the world’s most desirable destination by UK travellers.

It is a colourful country, discover the blues and turquoise the Great Barrier Reef, the deep red soils of the outback, and the green of its tropical rainforests.

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Indian Ocean

Travel to the islands of the Indian Ocean and you may find it difficult to choose between land and sea.

Sand-fringed idylls, swaying palm trees, luxurious hotels that offer an unsurpassable level of service and comfort. Step out into the glass clear waters and an underwater world almost psychedelic colour. If only all your decisions were this hard.


A staggering number of cultures, landscapes and monuments of ancient civilizations abound.

From the modern beach resorts of the Spanish Costas to the ruin strewn coasts of the Turkish Mediterranean or the Greek Mediterranean islands, from the peace of the coastlines of Croatia and Southern Italy to the vibrance and excitement of northern Morocco or Egypt.

New Zealand

With living landscapes like nowhere else. Experience nature at its most raw and varied and you will understand why the locals call it God’s own country.

Its geology is some of the most recently formed on earth and an exceptional wonderland of rich cultural diversity. It’s charming towns and vibrant cities offer unique Kiwi hospitality.

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Canary Islands

 All year-round sun, big-name resorts and scenery worthy of the big screen, everything from tropical forests and moon-like lava deserts, to giant sand dunes.

And then there are the beaches, which tick off white sandy sweeps and black-sand coves. lively resorts, shopping streets and please-everyone attractions.

Central Europe

 An array of cultures, art and architecture. Cities such as Prague, Vienna and Budapest are some of the most picturesque in the world.

Cruise through Budapest on the Danube, visit the medieval castles lining the hills of Slovakia and Slovenia or see the historical monuments in Vienna or Belin, Central Europe will leave you feeling enriched.

Baltic States

Intriguing history and culture, medieval old towns, imposing castles and elegant waterside cities… are all the attractions of the Baltic.

Gain an in-depth insight into the Baltic States of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, as well as enjoying visits to the beautiful coastal cities of Stockholm and Helsinki.

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